The two little male cubs at ABR, #301 Ferdinand and #302 Dumplin’ are getting acquainted in The Hartley House. Each cub has his own room, but the door is open, allowing them to go back and forth. So far it seems that Ferdinand is happy to stay in his own room, while Dumplin’ moves from one to another, and really wants to play with Ferdinand.

Ferdinand rests in the Cubby Bower with his head on Ms. M. Cow.
Ferdinand ignores the real bear cub (Dumplin’) and plays with the stuffed cub. Dumplin’ leaves the room to go to his own place.
Once Dumplin’ was gone, Ferdinand slept comfortably.
He tried a new sleeping pose.
And then he tried another pose. The “mitten” is where his leg was shaved at UTCVM when they gave him fluids through an IV.
He played with branches from his Cubby Bower as he woke up in the morning.

Ferdinand seems to be adjusting to his room in The Hartley House. We aren’t sure how well he enjoys his neighbor, Dumplin’ Bear. Time will tell. Stay tuned.