On May 8, 2020 another three-month-old C.O.Y. (cub-of-the-year) arrived at ABR. This little cub, a female, was found near Elizabethton, like #302 Dumplin’ Bear. The curators are quite sure that she is Dumplin’s sister, since the circumstances of her rescue are so similar to his. She has been nicknamed Tweetsie Bear, and when she was taken to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for her exam, she was found to be relatively healthy and she weighed 6.5 pounds, which is half a pound more than her brother.

Here she is in the carrier that brought her to ABR.

ABR Bear #303, Tweetsie Bear, sister of #302, Dumplin’ Bear.

Tweetsie is in another room of The Hartley House. As soon as she gets settled and rested from her ordeal she will be reunited with her brother and they will meet #301, Ferdinand Bear. The fun is just getting started!