The little cub, ABR #301 – Ferdinand, has a new friend in his Hartley House rooms. A stuffed cow, in memory of the cows in the field that befriended Ferdinand before his rescue. It was because of those cows that he received his nickname.

Here we have some photos of the tiny cub in his Cubby Bower, where Ms. M. Cow rests with him. He also ventures out of the bower, and shows the beginnings of a playful bear cub nature.

Early morning – Ferdinand is sleeping on the floor of The Hartley House. His cow friend is inside the Cubby Bower. She looks white in the night vision camera view.
Ferdinand got back in his bed.
A bit later, Ferdinand was off the bed and swatting at the branches.
Lying on his back, he batted the branches.
He rolled around.
Ferdinand stretched up to reach a branch.
He lay on his side to do leg lifts.
That was enough exercise. Ferdinand heads back to his Cubby Bower.
Sleepy cub!
Ferdinand asleep, with Ms. M. Cow standing watch.
Here is a closeup of Ms. M. Cow, Ferdinand’s new friend.

The curators were happy to see the little cub starting to play. This was the first time he had done that. Play is an important part of a bear cub’s development, and we hope to see him playing more as he gains strength and balance.