Curator Coy, head curator for ABR, is a very clever guy who is good at designing habitats for little bears. This was his latest creation, which our cub, Ferdinand, thoroughly appreciated.

Ferdinand Bear has the run of The Hartley House. The curators are learning his schedule, as he develops it.
The cub drinks a lot of water – good for hydration.
He uses both rooms. Here he goes into the other room of Hartley House.
Look at that! Curator Coy created a Cubby Bower for Ferdinand!
He went inside and went to sleep.
Ferdinand slept for two hours in his special Cubby Bower.
Two hours later, he woke up.
Deciding it was time to eat, he licked his bowl clean.
After leaving a “tip” for the curators, he went into his Cubby Bower and went back to sleep.
The night vision camera makes his bower look like a lace curtain. Sweet dreams, Ferdinand!

Most all of Curator Coy’s creative endeavors work out well. Thuis one certainly was appreciated by little Ferdinand!