Our last post was all about the cub, Ferdinand Bear. This one will update you on the four yearlings.

Beignet joined Jessamine to sleep in her daybed.
Maybe they were having a slumber party. Look at those eyes – wide open at midnight!
In the morning, they left the daybed and went out to forage for breakfast.
Boudreaux took off running. A bear with a purpose!
Boudreaux broke the wire and pulled the swingy ball down.
He took it to another area and played with the remnants of the swingy ball.
Then he took a stroll around the enclosure. He’s a handsome young bear.
Next door, in enclosure #1, King B was waking up in his usual daybed.
When it started to rain, King B was up the tree – fast!

The yearlings are healthy and doing very well. When travel restrictions are lifted they will be more than ready to go home to their respective states.