In our last post we wrote that bears in springtime eat leaves and grass. Later in the season these greens are too fibrous and hard to digest, but when they first appear they are eaten with relish by bears recently out of hibernation. Our yearlings are enjoying their salads, too, as an addition to the apples, nuts, and bear pellets provided by the curators.

Boudreaux Bear started the day by eating leaves.
Next, he moved on to another naturally occurring food in his enclosure – tasty insects.
King B sat by a tree and reached up to nibble leaves.
King B looked out of his leafy corner of the enclosure.
He found plenty of shoots and leaves to satisfy his spring craving.
King B with leaves in his mouth – yum yum!

All four of the yearlings are eating their salads. Good practice for when they are back in their wild homes.