We posted about the rescue of three-month-old Ferdinand (Bear #301) last week. After spending a night at the UT vet school’s ICU, Ferdinand Bear traveled to ABR and is now residing in The Hartley House. After his recent trauma, it’s no wonder that he is spending a lot of time sleeping. He needs plenty of rest to heal and start to grow.

Ferdinand is sleeping on his soft, plush “cub cave.” He could snuggle inside, but seems to prefer to lie on top. It makes a soft bed.
In the middle of the night, Ferdinand got out of bed and went to the adjacent Room 2.
Here is an annotated view of Room 1 in The Hartley House.
As it happened, he didn’t explore Room 2 after all. Maybe tomorrow……
Ferdinand smooshes his Cub Cave to make a bed.
He ate all of his bear milk replacement formula.
The next morning, he was sleeping in Room 2.

Ferdinand Bear seems to be making himself at home after just three days at ABR. As he gets stronger, he will be able to learn and grown in The Hartley House, as he makes use of all the enrichment provided by the curators.