Today is the ABR-designated Cubby Birthday. We have chosen January 22 as the official birthday of every cub and yearling who comes to us for care. So today is the fifteen-month birthday of our four yearlings!

The photos have been chosen to remind us of a significant event in each bear’s life at ABR, or a character trait.

Happy 15-month birthday to Beignet, Boudreaux, Jessamine, and Balthazar!
This photo from May 2019, captures the mischievous side of little Beignet as she was getting ready to attack the tarp in the Acclimation Pen.
Who could forget Bourdeaux and his tinkering with the camera in Acclimation Pen #4? This photo is from December 2019.
Not the best photo of Jessamine, but in showing her new daybed that she created for herself in December, we see how inventive she is, and how well able to take care of her own needs.
King B faces up to the much larger Boudreaux, letting him know that HE is the boss in Wild Enclosure #1. Surprised, Boudreaux retreated and was soon moved into another enclosure.

In addition to being the Cubby Birthday, today is Earth Day. So here is an appropriate image to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Our home, and that of multitudes of other beings who live here.

We wish you a happy Earth Day!