King B and Boudreaux each worked in their respective enclosures. King B apparently decided he needed a new or refreshed daybed. See how he accomplished that.

King B brings new material to refresh his daybed.
He brings more, to make his daybed more comfy for himself.
King B rakes the new material carefully, to make his bed “just so.” Boudreaux always let Jessamine or Beignet fix the daybeds in Enclosure #4, but King B obviously knows just what to do. Good bear!
Almost got it.
King B made his daybed nice and comfy, and there he is, sleeping.
Meanwhile, Boudreaux spent his time excavating in his enclosure.

He rakes and then munches – what do you suppose he has found?
Boudreaux digs in the dirt under some logs.
Must be some tasty insects under those logs!
OOf! Boudreaux performs a log lift.
He rolls around in the dirt. He’ll need to take a swim in his Cubby Pool to get clean.

It’s good to see the two male yearlings working. Mother bears teach all their cubs about digging for insects and making daybeds. Glad that these two boys learned the lessons.