We’ve seen how the two females (Beignet and Jessamine) did during the recent stormy night. Now we’ll take a look at our other yearlings – males Bourdeaux and King B. Each of them is in a private enclosure, so we’ll be checking on the camera footage for both enclosures.

Boudreaux Bear slept all night on his platform in Wild Enclosure #2.
He climbed down the closest tree to forage for his breakfast. Then he went back up to sleep some more.
King B snoozed in one of his favorite places, on the platform by the tree.
Following his usual routine, King B traveled along to the next level of the platform.
He napped there for a while before returning to his preferred spot.

The boys were none too active on this day after the rainstorm. Eat and sleep – that is their pattern of behavior. They both seem to be doing well.