As creatures who live outdoors, bears must take whatever weather comes their way. A rainy night affected the four yearlings differently. The good news was that none of them did what many have done in the past – climb 40 feet or more up into a tree! That behavior, which is very normal, gives our curators grey hairs.

Beignet slept on the platform, under cover of leaves and branches. At least she had some cover.
In the middle of the night, Beignet took time for some grooming. Perhaps she licked the water off her fur and styled it at the same time.
Later, Jessamine come to join Beignet. Jessamine is really looking long-legged!
Jessamine moved into the space that Beignet was occupying.
Although Beignet seemed miffed at first, the two bears slept together for the rest of the night and into the next day.

The two females seem to be getting along very well in Wild Enclosure #4. It doesn’t seem that they miss Beignet’s brother, Boudreaux, at all.