Today we offer an aerial view of the facility where our bears are housed. You will note that there are four enclosures, three of which are occupied. The large “no. 5” is where the future pen will be built to house cubs or yearlings that need to overwinter.

Each of the Wild Enclosures #1-4 are about one-half acre in size. The cluster of buildings in the lower right of the photo include the Cub Nursery, Staging Area for releases, and storage buildings for food and supplies. The single building just above those is the office where the curators carry out their non-bear-care duties.

We hope this helps you to visualize and understand what our facility looks like. As it stands now, King B is in Enclosure #1, Boudreaux is in #2, and the two females, Jessamine and Beignet, are in #4. The empty one is Enclosure #3. It may be called into use as our 2020 season gets started. When travel restrictions are lifted and the LA and SC wildlife agencies can come to transport their bears home, we will have more room for new arrivals.