King B continued to be active during the night, as in our last post. He turned his attention toward the Cubby Pool. We wonder if he sees his reflection and thinks it is another bear.

Does King B see “another bear” in the water?
He is intent on looking into the pool.
While he is in this position, we can see some features of our King B – his rounded caboose and his nubbin. Both looking good!
Leaving the pool, King B goes through the gate to the other side of the enclosure.
He found a “bark creature!” Another example of his playfulness and use of things in the enclosure to amuse himself.
King B attacks the “creature.”
It disappeared! Where did it go?
What happened? Is he afraid of his “bark creature? He seems to be hiding from it.
Enough excitement for one day. Now it’s time for a nap in the sun.

King B is truly an interesting yearling bear. Each bear is different, and this one has a wonderful personality.