King B (Balthazar Bear) seems much happier now that Boudreaux is in another enclosure. King B is back to his usual routines and is entertaining himself. He had spent the day sleeping, but when night came he was up and about, ready to forage and play.

King B sits at the base of the tree, deciding what to do next.
A closer look – his eyes are glowing because of the light from the camera.
King B sits and ponders what to do.
Aha! King B found an apple. How tasty!
He investigates the swingy ball.
It is swinging, King B. Better hold on to that apple!
King B stares down the swingy ball.

He interacted with other items in his enclosure, too. We’ll show those next time. He is a busy and active little bear and is very suited to living the solitary life he will live after release.