In our last post we shared how Boudreaux is adjusting to the new enclosure (his fourth) and checking it out. This post will describe the other yearlings and their adjustments.

Jessamine and Beignet don’t seem to miss big, burly Boudreaux at all!

Jessamine Bear is very relaxed. She eats by lying down and munching what she can reach from her reclined position.
Is Beignet missing her brother? Not so you’d notice. She is relaxed and happy.
The two girls rest and snooze on their platform.
Yep, the girls are doing well.

And what about King B? We saw that he was none too happy to have Boudreaux as a roommate. Now his life is back to normal.

King B stretched this morning as he roused to begin the day.
He had spent the night in his favorite spot by the tree. He has his domain back.

And life goes on. The current Covid19 crisis has put all releases, which require transportation to other states (South Carolina and Louisiana) on hold. So it seems that the bears will be with us a while longer. It’s a good thing that there is no interaction between the bears and their human caregivers (the curators). The yearlings will not be habituated when they return home.