The yearlings in Wild Enclosure #4 opened The Cubby Pool for the season. It’s still rather chilly for our tastes, but for bears it’s perfect. But first, see Boudreaux Bear collecting the remains of Faux Crow, which he will use ??? (to make his daybed softer?)

What is Boudreaux going to do with the old Faux Crow?
Beignet splashes the water in The Cubby Pool.
Boudreaux joins her and takes a drink.
A little later, Beignet is playing tetherball with the Swingy Ball, and along comes her soaking wet brother.
Beignet checks out The Cubby Pool. It looks tempting.
Splash! In she goes!
What excellent form! Beignet swims laps.
Beignet emerges, leaving behind the Cubby Broth she has made.
Notice how the yearlings have trashed the Swingy Ball.

As we have said before, bears are hard on the enclosures and the enrichment activities that are there for them. Unfortunately, even if we presented a bill for damages, they would not pay. Caring for bears – even cubs and yearlings – is very expensive!