King B (Balthazar Bear) is the only resident of Wild Enclosure #1. It is interesting to see how he spends his time.

King B is foraging. Here he is, eating a peanut.
He’s the king of his domain.
Balthazar enjoys lying on the grass in the sunshine.
He forages and finds more peanuts.
Bears are adept at cracking a nut, extracting the edible part, and discarding the shell.
It looks like King B is chubbifying very nicely!
Damage to a sapling is his work. Since there are no other bears in his enclosure, he can’t place the blame on anyone but himself.
King B uses the opening in the wall to get through to the other side.
A good stretch!
Here is an annotated illustration of the previous photo. Look at the difference between the shaggy winter fur that will be shed and the sleek black fur that he will keep. Eventually all of the shed fur will be replaced and he will be sleek all over.
We can see his sleek look in this photo, as King B gets a drink and checks the log for bugs.

King B doesn’t mind his isolation. Bears are very good at social distancing!