As we have seen, the three yearlings in Wild Enclosure #4 vary their routine by changing their sleeping places. Early one recent morning, Jessamine Bear raked the sticks and twigs in her daybed.

Jessamine straightens up and rearranges her daybed. Boudreaux is watching, but not helping.
When Jessamine was finished, Boudreaux moved in and Beignet left.
Boudreaux and Jessamine settled down for the rest of the night.
A sudden rainstorm caused them to move to the platform, where Beignet was sleeping.
In the morning, all three bears were on the platform.
Beignet crossed the platform to get on the tire bridge.
On the tire bridge, Beignet stopped to get a drink from a tire.
Jessamine followed Beignet, going to the tire bridge.
Boudreaux followed the two girls.

Although bears are solitary animals, these three yearlings seem to stick together, acting as a group. This behavior will change when they are released and return to their home states.