As you know, King B (Balthazar Bear) has a Wild Enclosure to himself. But that doesn’t mean he is alone in there. Some other native critters hang out and frequently help themselves to some of the bounty of food that is provided for King B to help fatten him up.

See a squirrel enter the enclosure where King B resides.
A crow flies in soon to join the others.
Grapes are appetizing to a jay, too.

The squirrel eyes the grapes. They look tasty.
But the squirrel chooses a peanut. He didn’t even say “thank you.”
Uh-oh! Here comes The Big Black Animal! Squirrel “flies” away.

We thought the other native critters would be a welcome diversion for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed it. The squirrels are not really afraid of the bears (we think) but the size difference is formidable.