Today we have some great photos of chonky yearling bears, and compare them with earlier images of these bears a few months ago.

We begin with the biggest chonk of all – Boudreaux Bear.

Sleeping peacefully – look at that tummy!
August, 2019 – Boudreaux with his buddy, Dandelion Bear. They were the same age, but she was very petite compared to the big boy.
Beignet sleeps peacefully. She is pretty hefty.
A much smaller Beignet slept on the “top bunk” in August.
Jessamine sleeps comfortably. She, too, is plump.
In August, Jessamine was just beginning to look chubbified.
King B, looking like a ball of fur, sleeps by his tree.

All of the yearlings have chubbified nicely, and will be ready for their releases when the time comes. Shouldn’t be too much longer!