We posted about the Climby Log and its strange disappearance from the Tire Bridge, where it had been installed to aid young cubs in getting down from the bridge. We examined two likely suspects – Boudreaux and Beignet Bear. Today we continue the story, by going backward through the camera footage to see if there is an answer to the mystery.

There is Jessamine Bear – she is high in a tree, nowhere near the Tire Bridge.
Look! Beignet went back to the Climby Log at night – maybe she was the guilty one?
Beignet seems very interested – wonder why.
Earlier, camera footage showed a bear crossing the platform toward the Tire Bridge.
The bear approaches the Tire Bridge – it is Jessamine!
Jessamine plopped down on the Tire Bridge. Looks like her weight dislodged the Climby Log!
Jessamine inspects the loosened Climby Log.
Almost out of camera range, Jessamine gets on the Climby Log, knocking it down.
Oops! Jessamine is left dangling in midair!

The mystery is solved! Jessamine dismounted (sorry we don’t have footage of that) and the Climby Log was on the ground.

Meanwhile, King B is innocently asleep on his daybed in his Wild Enclosure.
Well, so much for “innocence” – King B attempts the murdalization of a sapling.

Little bears are hard on growing things in the Wild Enclosures. King B is no different from myriad other cubs and yearlings. We are glad that the cameras allow us to see how the yearlings spend their days and nights. It’s very educational and humorous.