Why did the Climby Log disappear from the Tire Bridge? A bear was seen playing with it on the ground.

How did that log come down, and why?
Remember when the Climby Log was in place? It was put there to help younger cubs get down from the Tire Bridge.
A chief suspect was Boudreaux, who has been in trouble before.
Beignet has had her share of mischief, too, so perhaps there are two suspects.
Beignet enters the culvert den, and her brother gives her a little push.
Beignet has vanished, leaving Boudreaux sitting alone.
Here she comes – Beignet backs out of the culvert den.
What is going on? Are they hatching another plan?
Two very innocent bears. We didn’t take down the Climby Log!

They do look innocent when they sit together, facing away from the camera. And who knows? Maybe they are blameless. Stay tuned.