We have posted about Bear #299 (Balthazar) recently, so we’ll turn our attention to the other three yearlings, Boudreaux, Beignet, and Jessamine.

Jessamine climbed the firehose hammock, and batted at the siblings, who batted at her.
Showing excellent balance, Jessamine “tightrope walks” along the firehose hammock.
Jessamine and Boudreaux each climbed on a structure.
Traffic jam on the tire bridge!
The three yearlings took a long nap on the platform.
Jessamine gets up – it’s dinner time!
Boudreaux and Beignet look toward where Jessamine went. Maybe they think it’s dinner time, also.
Beignet and Boudreaux consider climbing down to join Jessamine.

The curators are returning to a normal feeding schedule, now that the bears seem to have ended their “hibernation” period. They are still sleeping quite a lot, but not as much as a month ago, so it seems that they are ready to resume their normal lives. Young bears often sleep several times each day, but they forage, too.