Boudreaux Bear started a new project. At first, it wasn’t at all apparent what was going on.

It appeared that the three yearlings were up to some kind of mischief.
Jessamine is not interested, but Boudreaux is digging and his sister joins in.
Beignet took over his spot, so Boudreaux moved to the other side of the culvert den.
Beignet checks her brother’s work.
She gets into the spirit of digging, while Boudreaux watches her.
Beignet didn’t find anything of interest there.
Boudreaux goes back to work, digging faster.
Meanwhile, Beignet crawls into the culvert den.
Boudreaux didn’t see her enter. Now he wonders where she went.
He peers into the culvert den. Where did she go?
Surprise! There she is!
The two siblings. The project is complete, at least for now.
After all of that, it’s time for a nap, side by side on the platform.
Boudreaux has become a handsome, healthy yearling.

Actually, all of the yearlings have become healthy and handsome. It will be interesting to learn what their weights are now, but we have to wait until their release dates.