Beginning with the newest arrival, #300 (Ramsay Bear) here is an update on all five of the bears currently residing at ABR.

Ramsay Bear is sleepy after being fed and burped. Curators have to burp a bear cub this small, just like a human infant.
Curator Janet shows our new Curator Tori how to give Ramsay his bottle.
Ramsay latches onto the bottle with no trouble, and takes a good amount of the bear replacement formula.
After his feeding, the tiny cub settles down for a good nap with his stuffed buddy.
King B sits in a tree in the rain. He climbed down to forage moments later.
The three yearlings foraged for their breakfast in the shrubs.
One more baby picture for good measure – Ramsay Bear, upside down.

All five of the little bears are doing well. And let us introduce our new curator, who started with a bang – she was on duty all night, caring for Ramsay and feeding him every 4-5 hours on her first day!

Welcome, Curator Victoria (Tori) Frailey! You will be busy, we promise!