February 28th was a historic day for ABR when our 300th rescued bear arrived! Little Ramsay Bear came from KY, just like last year’s first arrival. He had been born to a GPS collared sow. When officers went to check on her den, they found that she was gone and there was a tiny, dead female in the den, alongside a living, male cub. They waited a few minutes, hoping the sow would return, but then rescued the male cub who would not have survived much longer alone.

Officer Tristan Curry brought the cub to Curator Coy.
Little Ramsay Bear is only about 5 weeks old and weighs 3 pounds.

The first order of business was to feed the cub.

Curator Ashley fed little Ramsay.
The tiny cub was able to latch onto the bottle right away – a good sign.
A cub this young must be stimulated to eliminate (pee and poop) after each feeding.
After his feeding, a nap was the next thing on the agenda.

Then it was time for his trip to the UT College of Veterinary Medicine for a checkup. It was there that Bear #300 received his nickname.

Dr. Ramsay has treated many of the ABR cubs and yearlings during his tenure at UTCVM. It was his last day before retirement, and #300 was his last bear patient, so naming the cub was a no-brainer.
This tiny little 2020 bear cub is ABR’s first 2020 bear. He will need a lot of sleep, food, and TLC during weeks to come.

And so we welcome our first cub-of-the-year, #300 aka Ramsay Bear. We look forward to watching him grow and thrive during his stay at ABR.