It was raining, and the yearlings in Wild Enclosure #4 decided to sleep in a totally different place! Yes, they were in the Acclimation Pen, but they didn’t sleep in the loft, as usual. See how they varied their choice of bed.

Beignet and Boudreaux entered the Acclimation Pen. Nothing new in that scene. But look where Boudreaux is – not on, but under the loft!
Jessamine arrived a couple minutes later, and she, too went under the loft on the straw covered floor.
All three yearlings slept beneath the loft. Smart bears – protection from the rain and coziness of the straw.
In the morning, they left the pen to go outside and forage.
Beignet and Jessamine were on the platform. Boudreaux climbed up the Firehose Hammock to join them.
Jessamine licks raindrops from Beignet’s fur. Boudreaux settles down for a nap.
The yearlings enjoyed the sunshine.

Another relaxed day at ABR’s hibernation headquarters for the yearling bears.