We don’t know why, but it seems that Boudreaux Bear is absolutely fascinated with the security camera in Acclimation Pen #4. It is in a position that allows him to reach it when he stands on the ramp to the loft, and reach it he does. Look at what happened on a recent evening.

Boudreaux enters the Acclimation Pen.
Beignet follows her brother into the Acclimation Pen. We can see him up in the loft.
They change places with Beignet climbing up to the loft and Boudreaux heading toward the camera.
Uh-oh! Boudreaux stands up to reach the camera.
Now what? Beignet approaches. Is she trying to stop him or does she want to help? We can’t tell. Maybe she’s just being an annoying sister.
The camera records a good image of Boudreaux’s belly.
Here is a very close picture of Boudreaux’s nose.
Now we see a different angle, with a profile view.
What a big nose you have, Boudreaux!
What is Beignet doing? As before, we really don’t know whether she is congratulating him or scolding him.
Jessamine joins the twins and they settle down in the loft for a while.
Later during the night, they moved to Beignet’s daybed where they spent the rest of the night and were still sleeping in the morning.

Interestingly enough, Boudreaux is the only one of the yearlings to be so intrigued by the camera. Is it a male bear thing? Or is it just a Boudreaux Bear thing? We’ll probably never know the answer, but it does pose an interesting question.