Now that he is outside, our little King B has revised his schedule somewhat. He does a lot of exploring during the day, and seems to like to stay up late at night.

Balthazar forages in his enclosure. He is finding peanuts, which he enjoys.
At 11:00 he was popping in and out of the pine trees on the ground.
It’s 1:00 in the morning and King B is still active, stretching before he forages.
Daytime, and there he is, sleeping at the base of the tree. This seems to be his favorite sleeping place.
Seeing him up closer; it’s close to 9:00 am and King B is still curled up, asleep. Can’t blame him, after his late night!

When we say he was “up late,” that’s just from our viewpoint, of course. What is “late” for a bear, anyway? Their night vision is much better than ours, so maybe that’s the best time to be up and about. It seems to work for him, at least.