It sounds like the beginning of a spooky tale – “It was a cold, dark, and windy night . . .” but that was really the case at ABR. Bears being bears, the yearlings were not in a hurry to go inside.

The three yearlings were foraging in late afternoon.
Silly Boudreaux! He rolled around on the ground with his feet in the air!
Boudreaux struck a Buddha pose, and Beignet came up quietly behind him.
The curators were glad that the three yearlings climbed onto their platform. It was very windy.
It was even better to see them all go into the loft in the Acclimation Pen, where they spent the night sleeping. Much better than in the trees!

Often, our bears give the curators more grey hairs because of their actions that we humans perceive as dangerous. But every once in a while, like in this case, the curators feel that the bears have chosen wisely and taken the safe course.