Day or night, it’s interesting to see what our yearlings are doing. A few days ago, we observed some behavior we thought was worth sharing.

Noontime: Beignet slept on the platform for quite a while during the day.
Late afternoon, Beignet and Boudreaux foraged together.
After it got dark, Jessamine was seen foraging.
Something interested her in the vertical den. No one has used this den as yet.
Beignet was curious, and came to see what Jessamine was doing.
It looks like Beignet wants to participate in whatever Jessamine is doing.
There was definitely a discussion. It appears to us that Jessamine told Beignet to back off. She didn’t want to share.
Could this be a yearling dance? Looks like it!
A round of fisticuffs ensued.
Bourdeaux wisely stayed away and out of the girls’ way.
Jessamine climbed into the vertical den to check it out.
Jessamine reported back to Beignet. Nothing to see there.

We can’t help but wonder if Beignet didn’t climb in herself, to double check. If she did, it wasn’t captured on camera. But bears being as curious as they are, we wouldn’t be surprised.