As promised, we continue the story of King B and his reintroduction to the big outdoors by sharing his night time activities.

At 8:30 pm King B was foraging . It’s a little more challenging than when he was in the Hartley House, but he accepts the challenge without hesitation.
It wasn’t long before he decided it was time to rest.
Up he goes! He has no trouble climbing a real tree!
King B found a nice branch on which to sit.
About eleven hours later, he was still perched in the tree. Guess that was just the bed he was looking for.
He adjusts his position in the tree.
Still looking a bit sleepy. It’s hard to wake up.
It rained, so King B got a nice shower. That must have felt good to him.
King B surely does look comfortable in his tree outside, rain or no rain.

There is no question that our little yearling is happy to be outdoors again, and in real trees. He has access to the Acclimation Pen as well as all of the areas of the Wild Enclosure. It makes us wonder what he will explore next.