Our little Balthazar Bear (King B) regularly takes on new projects (self-assigned) and works at them until he succeeds. He is nothing if not persistent. Here is a sequence that shows him at his best.

King B really likes to play with his treat toy. Do you think the treats have an influence?
Moving his treat toy from one room to the other is no longer a challenge – he’s become very adept at doing so.
When the gate to the other room is closed (so a curator can clean that room) King B shows his displeasure.
When the gate is opened, he enters the cleaned room, only to find that his toy has been moved! It’s up on his hammock!
Nothing will do but he must get the treat toy back on the floor where it belongs.
It is a challenge for the little bear, but he persists.
Here it comes!
Persistence pays off. His toy is now where he wanted it!
King B took a nice long nap.

We can see how his persistence paid off and he got what he wanted. We can also see that he is able to problem solve to accomplish his desired outcome. Good work, King B! Smart little bear!