Our little yearling, Balthazar or King B, has two rooms in the Hartley House and he fully utilizes both of them. The last few days have brought lots of rain, so King B is the only yearling who is warm and dry inside. He has choices of sleeping spots. On one recent night, he moved from one room to the other and back again, taking full advantage of the available space.

King B sleeps on the floor near his bed just after midnight.
At 2:00 am, he was wedged under his climbing tree, with his foot in his water dish.
He rolled away from the climbing tree and was covered in cedar chips.
An hour later he was near the door, having entered his other room.
He seems to like this room better. He settles down for a while.
He moved his bed into the far corner of this room and slept there.
After several hours, he left the bed and rolled himself back to the door.

It’s really quite surprising that King B has not shown agitation about his confinement. Perhaps, due to his underweight condition when he arrived, he has just been happy to relax, rest, eat, and not have to worry about dangers in the wild. When the rains stop, he will be released into the Wild Enclosure next to the Hartley House.