Balthazar Bear (King B) had the idea to eat snacks in bed. To that end, he moved his favorite treat toy over to the culvert den, where he has (sometimes) been sleeping. It was quite a project!

King B pushed and shoved, rolling the treat toy toward the culvert den.
It’s pretty big, so not too easy for him.
He’s getting it there. Of course, he stops when treats come out. Has to eat them!
Almost got it! One more pull should do it.
One more tug!
Uh-oh! This doesn’t work – the treat toy has to roll to dispense treats, and it can’t roll inside the culvert den. Oh Bother! Get it out!
King B has another plan (Plan B?) What now?

He rolled, pushed, and pulled it across the room.
At last! He has his snacks in bed!
Almost 9:00 in the morning, and King B is still sleeping with his treat toy nearby.

What a smart and innovative little bear! When his first plan didn’t work, he figured out another way to get what he wanted. This talent will help him when he returns to the wild.

It’s true that bears are very clever at solving problems. King B demonstrated that ability in this situation.