We start the post just after noon, and find the two female yearlings using the platform for an afternoon rest.

Good place for our afternoon nap.
The two yearlings are resting up from their earlier foraging activities.
Boudreaux appears. He wants to join them.
The LA yearlings appear to be trying to awaken Jessamine, as in “Are you asleep, Jessamine?”
They reshuffled and lined up like loaves of bread on a shelf.
A few minutes later, Jessamine decided to leave. More reshuffling was necessary.
Beignet and Boudreaux stayed for a nice long nap.
Later, as night approached, Jessamine led the way into the Acclimation Pen.
Jessamine was first to climb up to the loft.
Boudreaux hoists himself up to join Jessamine.

Make room for me!
Beignet climbed up, too. Soon all three were sound asleep.

We must say that our yearlings lead a nice, stress-free life at ABR. They will never again be so free of cares!