We have seen that the three yearlings in Wild Enclosure #4 are spending a lot of time sleeping, but not sleeping around the clock. So the question is: Are they hibernating? Here is another look at their activities.

Late afternoon and Beignet has her brother in a headlock.
Boudreaux is not going to let his sister get the best of him. Note that Jessamine is not participating in this fight.

The match is over – for now, at least.
All three of the yearlings forage for peanuts.
They entered the Acclimation Pen a few minutes before 6:00.
Boudreaux decides to work on the camera again.
Anyone for a closeup?
He surveys the camera, as if proud that he “fixed” it.
Beignet shows boredom. Neither she nor Jessamine have shown any interest in the camera.
Half an hour later, Beignet joins her brother in the loft. Jessamine has moved on out.
Fourteen hours later, Boudreaux wakes up, stretches and yawns.
Beignet follows him down to the lower level.
They all gather at Jessamine’s tree, where she must have spent the night. They’re ready for another day.

It’s interesting (and educational) to see how these little bears handle the winter. A lot of sleeping, some foraging, and even some fisticuffs now and then to make it interesting. What is next? Stay tuned.