After consulting with the Louisiana wildlife officers, the curators decided to start feeding the three overwintering cubs again. They scattered peanuts (25 pounds of them) in Wild Enclosure #4, so the cubs can forage for them for a few days. The cubs are sleeping more than half of the time – about 16-20 hours a day, and according to LA wildlife, that’s typical for bears in their area. Only pregnant females hole up in a den and stay put.

The bears were happy with the addition to their enclosure, and spent more time than usual foraging.

The cubs went to a different part of the enclosure, where the peanuts were scattered.
As a result of the peanuts, they were up late – it was midnight when they bedded down in Jessamine’s daybed!
Unsurprisingly, they still slept at 6:00 am.
Snow fell on the cubs an hour later (it didn’t register on the camera) and the cubs looked up briefly, but then went back to sleep.

It goes without saying that the curators continue to take advice from the Louisiana Wildlife officers, and ask for their guidance in meeting the needs of our cubs.