We’ve spent some time focusing on Balthazar Bear, so now we need to get back to Wild Enclosure #4 and see how the three out-of-state cubs are doing. They are still following the pattern of sleeping a lot, foraging a little (for whatever insects and miscellaneous goodies they can find) and napping in between times.

The the three cubs bedded down in Jessamine’s daybed and were asleep before 6:00 pm.
Later that night, there was a storm. Unlike the time when they simply slept out in the rain, all three cubs ran to the Acclimation Pen.
They hurried up to the loft, with Boudreaux leading the way.
Beignet was next. Look at her rotund bottom!
No fussing this time – all three cubs shared the loft and went right back to sleep.
Next morning just after 7:00, Boudreaux was the first cub to get up.
Jessamine followed soon after.
Jessamine showed that her bottom is also rotund. Sleepy Beignet wakes up with a big yawn.
Beignet comes down to join the other two cubs.
The cubs spent some time foraging.
By 10:30 am, they were back in Jessamine’s daybed for a nap.

And so it goes – sleep, forage a bit, and back to sleep. What a life! It’s looking like these cubs will never enter a true hibernation or torpor like we had expected. Perhaps the fact that both South Carolina and Louisiana are a bit further south can explain it. Whatever they do, it’s most interesting to watch them.