Our newest arrival, King B, or Balthazar Bear, is a very busy cub who explores and tries out everything in his two rooms of the Hartley House. Sometimes he rolls in the cedar chips on the floor and almost disappears.

Where’s the cub? He’s hidden in the cedar chips.
He investigated the new hammock.
He climbed up into the hammock. This is a new sensation!
He gets down and grabs a snack.
He likes to roll his food toy to get treats.
King B rolls his treat toy around.
Down one side of his room he rolls the toy.
He pauses to eat some of the chicken baby food with his worm meds that was prescribed by the vets at UTCVM.
Back to rolling the treat toy.
He tries rolling it back along the wall.
King B tries out the hammock again.
King B discovers that the hammock swings! He swings back and forth.
For sleeping through the night, King B chooses his bed.

Balthazar is definitely a busy and active little cub. He seems to be satisfied, for now, with the enrichment offered in the Hartley House. The curators are glad of that. Eventually, he’s sure to want more space and the out-of-doors will beckon to him.