Recently. Beignet Bear picked a fight with her brother. Why? Who knows? It was a female bear thing. But whatever the reason, it made for an amusing sequence.

All seemed normal, as the three cubs spent time foraging.
Suddenly, Beignet pounced on Boudreaux.
Beignet looked triumphant after getting the better of her brother.
Boudreaux seemed confused. He must have wondered why she did that.
In no time, Beignet returned.
Bam! Pow! Thwack!
It looked like they were making up.
But no! A few minutes later, Beignet attacked him again!
She left the area. That set Boudreaux to thinking…
Boudreaux stretched out, and here comes Beignet again.
Swat! Thwack! Pow!
Once again, Beignet leaves her brother, sitting and wondering what happened.
Jessamine enters the picture, joining the siblings.
The three cubs rake leaves and twigs, to make a comfy bed.
All three settle down. It’s late – after 7:00.
Next morning, it’s almost 10:00 and they are still asleep.

We haven’t seen fisticuffs and fighting like this for a long time – not since summer when the cubs were more active. No doubt all that energy expenditure on the part of Beignet and Boudreaux tired them out. But as usually happens, cubs’ fights are soon forgotten, and things return to normal.