Our newest arrival, Balthazar Bear (aka King B) is adjusting to the Hartley House.

Here he is, when he arrived from Louisiana.
He soon showed that he likes to climb.
King B has demonstrated that he has good, working plumbing. He is eliminating waste well. A delicate subject, perhaps, but very important in assessing his health.
King B eats and drinks. The curators are giving him solid food, in a moderate amount for now.
The night images showed that he spent most of the night sleeping on his bed.
In the morning, Balthazar ate a good breakfast.

It’s good sign that he is eating, drinking, and eliminating properly. It’s also encouraging that he slept well during the night. We’re not sure how long he will tolerate confinement in the Hartley House, but Wild Enclosure #1 is ready for him, when he needs to have more space and freedom.