We thought that ABR was not going to receive any new bears until spring, but on January 9th, another cub from Louisiana came to us for help. The wildlife officers had been trying to rescue him since before Christmas! Finally, on January 4th, he cooperated, and was brought to Tennessee by truck, arriving on January 9th. Because of the date being close to the Three Kings Day (January 6) he is nicknamed Balthazar Bear, or King B, for short.

He was a frightened little cub that didn’t want to be caught, even though he was in distress.
Balthazar is thin and underweight. He is obviously malnourished, weighing just 17 pounds.

Our three cubs, who are the same age as Balthazar, are estimated to weigh 80-90 pounds.

Maria Davidson, of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, put drops in the cub’s eyes and a veterinarian did his examination. Thus, he did not have to go to the UTCVM.
He is a sad little bear. ABR can help him to gain weight and recover.
Like last year’s Hartley Bear, Balthazar has lost hair due to malnutrition.
A room in the Hartley House was prepared for the arrival of King B.
The Cubmobile was ready to transport the little cub to his new, temporary home.
Balthazar Bear entered the Hartley House. Welcome, little bear!

We never know what to expect. In the animal rescue business, anything can happen, and frequently does! King B will be watched carefully. He was full of parasites and apparently had been struggling to survive on whatever he found. Now he will have a normal bear diet, including the “magic” Mazouri Bear Diet pellets that provide complete nutrition and fruits that will undoubtedly be received with enthusiasm by this sick little bear. The curators won’t give him large servings to begin with, but will gradually increase the amounts as his health improves. Stay tuned….