The three cubs went to sleep in Jessamine’s daybed. It was shortly after 6 in the evening.

Jessamine is a good hostess, sharing her daybed.
After nine hours, rain prompted Boudreaux to move to the Acclimation Pen.
Beignet and Jessamine soon followed him.
Boudreaux took over the loft, and didn’t want Jessamine to enter.
Jessamine crawled into the culvert den. Boudreaux clacked his jaws to show his displeasure.
Beignet took a different route to climb up to the platform.
Boudreaux clacks his jaws again. The two girls ignore him.
Beignet crosses over to join her brother.
Jessamine follows Beignet’s example, climbing up to the loft.
The drama ended with all three cubs sharing the loft for the rest of the night.
Next morning at 10:30, Boudreaux was taking a morning stretch.

The interactions between the cubs can be amusing to observe. To us, it seems unfair that Jessamine, who is so gracious about sharing her daybed, is then treated rudely by Boudreaux. But, as we often say, we are not bears and do not understand their social behaviors. We just know it’s fun (and educational) to watch them.

By the way, between their earlier sleep at Jessamine’s and the later part of the night in the loft, the cubs slept about 15 hours. They also take naps during the day. Is this what the lead up to hibernation looks like?