We’ve taken a few days off to spend time with family, but we’re back in the saddle again now. Here are a few photos that show how the three cubs spent Christmas.

All three of the cubs spent the night at Jessamine’s daybed and surroundings.
Beignet was seen snoozing on the nearby platform.
Jessamine was also snoozing on the platform.
Boudreaux was not snoozing, but probably should have been.

As we have seen, the cubs switch places, from Acclimation Pen Loft to Jessamine’s place, and back again. The two Louisiana cubs seem to always be together, but Jessamine may or may not be with them. It’s OK, they can choose where (and when) to sleep. Their naps seem to get longer and longer. Maybe they will actually go into their hibernation (torpor)sleep soon. Time will tell.