All of the cubs who were going home for the holidays have now been released. Only the three out-of-state bears (Beignet and Boudreaux from Louisiana and Jessamine from South Carolina) are still with us. We have watched with interest the process by which they try different beds.

It seemed like Jessamine was going to use her daybed by the tree while the Cajun twins were opting for the loft in the Acclimation Pen. But wait – a couple of days ago, we saw this scene unfold.

Jessamine raked leaves and sticks to make a comfy bed..
Surprise! Beignet joins her, helping to rake the bed into shape
All three cubs were asleep before 6:00
They started to get up about 9:00 the next morning.
Beignet started foraging and playing with the remains of a murdalized sapling.
Boudreaux attacked his sister.
He approached Jessamine. Watch out, Boudreaux!
Smack! Don’t mess with me!
Looks like Boudreaux has been told.

What next? Jessamine has shown spirit and spunk. And we have been given insight into bears and their activities at a time when we ordinarily don’t see them.