Bentley and Dandelion, the Polk County twins, are home for the holidays. They were released into their wild home on December 17th. Here are a few photos of the pair just before and during the release.

The twins slept on the platform in their wild enclosure, a night or two before their release. They both have fat tummies!
Their last photo as ABR bears.
Bentley Bear weighed 94 pounds! Dandelion weighed 82 pounds! When they arrived, Bentley was 6.82 pounds and Dandelion was just 4.04 pounds.
TWRA truck leaves with Dandelion.
Another truck carries Bentley.
There goes Bentley!
And there goes Dandelion!

As always, we wish these big little bears a happy and healthy, long life in the wild, where they belong. May they avoid any further contact with humans, and stay safe. Goodbye and good luck, Bentley and Dandelion Bear!