The three cubs who are spending the winter at ABR have not decided where they want to sleep. They are trying different beds, sleeping longer at a time, but they are up, out and about during the day.

The Cajun twins, Beignet and Boudreaux, seem to prefer the straw filled loft in the Acclimation Pen.

The cubs did a lot of raking of their bedding and then settled down. It was only 5:21 p.m.
After 14 and a half hours, Boudreaux awoke and came down to start the day.
A couple of minutes later, Beignet followed her brother.
Jessamine Bear apparently slept in her daybed by the tree. She seems to alternate between the daybed and the loft.

We are waiting to see what the final decision will be for each of the cubs and when they say good night for the winter. Stay tuned.