We promised a complete review of the Beary Triplets and their shenanigans at ABR, and we will start it now. We can’t show all of their antics in one post, however, so this may be the first of three. Let’s go!

This is the birthplace of the Triplets, where they were with their mother.

This den was in an area of the park that is much visited, and the den was known. Soon after the Triplets’ mother brought them out of the den, she had an accident, falling from a tree; the fall killed her and the rangers brought the three cubs to ABR. At less than 3 months old, they wouldn’t have survived on their own.

Blackbeary looked so innocent at his vet school exam.
Bluebeary, the only female, already had an attitude.
In the Cub Nursery – April, 2019. Already looking for trouble.

The Triplets were high maintenance cubs. Refusing the bottle, they had to be fed by syringe every 4 hours. It was a relief when they slept for a few minutes.

Wrestling seemed to be a part of their lives from the start.
A feisty attitude came naturally to them.
Sometimes they had to be separated for the safety of the cubs and curators.
But they were a photogenic trio.
The Cub House was prepared for them.
Curator Coy moved the Triplets into the Cub House. They weren’t happy.
They swatted, huffed, and cussed at Coy. Good bear behavior!
Mayhem ensued in no time!
Mayhem and chaos continued.
Boudreaux and Beignet were next door.
The two cub families met and more chaos ensued. The Party of Five was formed.
Beignet and Blackbeary were housed together for a while.
The other cubs were out in the Acclimation Pen.
Time for a reunion of the cub families.
The door is open so the cubs can go in and out freely.
Blackbeary swings!
The Beary Triplets did a lot of wrestling.
Blackbeary comes in by himself to take a swing.

It was time for the Party of Five to go outside into the Wild Enclosure.

The first attempt was unsuccessful. The Beary Triplets were able to squeeze between layers of fencing. Back to the Cub House, to fix the problem.
That was OK, as long as there was food.
Outside at last!

This will end the post for today. In the next chapter, we’ll see how the Triplets created mischief and mayhem in their Wild Enclosure. They were something else!