OK, their “work” is to destroy and/or ruin everything in sight. We know that. But we start this Triplet post with one of the three hugging a tree.

Is the tree special to this Triplet? It almost looks as though the Triplet is communicating with the tree.
Something caught his/her attention. Gotta check it out.
A sibling is working on a knot in the hammock.
The tree-hugger comes to check out the other Triplet.
Maybe two Triplets can work this out.
But two triplets always have to fight or wrestle. Bop! Smack! Thwap!
The Triplet didn’t want any help, after all.
What now?
Triplet tries the chomp-chew method.
Triplet is satisfied – mission accomplished (although the knot is still holding).
Soon, all three Triplets enter the Acclimation Pen for dinner.

These destructive cubs have entertained us with all of their antics. It’s hard to believe that when they are released they will very likely separate immediately to live their own lives. But that’s what the research shows.